Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga Studio

Yoga retreat DECEMber 5-10, 2019



•This is a 5-day yoga retreat immersed in the cultures of southern Belize

•The program is conducted by a Ph.D. Medical Anthropologist/ certified yoga instructor with a 15-year relationship with the community and supplemented by Belizean holistic practitioners and environmental experts.

•With an option of three yoga classes per day, we also explore the health and healing practices of the local community with daily excursions to surrounding natural sites and workshops with local healers, artisans, farmers, and other specialists who utilize plants, spiritual beliefs, and local therapeutic techniques.

•Much of our time is spent outdoors in the natural environment.   

Who We Are:

Amínata (Amíkolé) Maraesa is from New York City where she leads group and private classes informed by her training in vinyasa, traditional hot, yin, trauma-informed, and children’s yoga. Amíkolé is also a Ph.D. medical anthropologist with a longstanding research focus on childbirth and midwifery in southern Belize. She is the founder of Dr. Amíkolé’s Shea Butter natural skincare products and director of Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center in Punta Gorda, Belize where she facilitates health and wellness services and training for the Belizean public and guests.

Mango Meditation Yoga Retreat and Cultural Immersion Experience

Yoga helps us to forge connections—both within and without. This unique yoga retreat will foster connections within the self while encouraging deeper connections to the natural world and cultural environment of our rainforest home in southern Belize. The chosen activities complement our daily yoga practices by finding union among asana and the surrounding landscape. This retreat encourages you to explore the health and healing practices of an unfamiliar place to find new avenues for self-actualization, renewal, and surprise.



•Daily access to yoga classes (morning, afternoon, and evening)

•Adventure activities: rainforest hikes, riverboat tour, chocolate making from bean to bar, coconut oil workshop, therapeutic massage, moutainside farm tour, loca food preparation from "wild" ingredients, and so much more!

•Meditation in nature  

•Explore local cultures and cuisines of the Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo, East Indian, and Creole cultures

•International Airport pick-up/drop-off 

•5-nights accommodations in seaside suites with outdoor pool and bar

Skill Level:



Yoga styles:


Power Vinyasa




5 days with instruction in English

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French


You may choose any activities you like—they are all included in the price of the retreat.

Optional Activities:

Private yoga (65 USD per hour)

Therapeutic massage [Swedish/Thai/hot stones/aromatherapy] (75-95 USD per hour)

About Us:

•Mango Meditation Yoga Retreat is a sustainable environment centered on yoga where guests can reset, recharge, and realign to reconnect with their supreme self and access peace. Our goal at Mango Meditation is to facilitate holistic health and wellness through quality programming in yoga, natural attunement, nutrition, and mindful existence. Through these practices, our participants assimilate the kinds of self-care activities that foster physical, mental, and spiritual health, radiating this positivity to the larger community, and by extension, the world.

•Culturally immersive yoga experiences add a layer of awareness that brings mind and body closer in alignment with local ecology, plant-based healing, spirituality, and the cultural beliefs and practices of local healers, artisans, farmers, chefs, and restaurant owners.

•Mango Meditation Retreat is designed to create comfortable places for you to relax and reflect. Its remote location in the southernmost town of Punta Gorda, Belize is the perfect setting to discover inner and outer peace. Here you will find freedom and support to transform the body, mind, and spirit.

Facilities and Accommodations:

Most of our time is spent outdoors and in natural locations. Indoor yoga and healing sessions will take place at the yoga studio and rooftop terrace at Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center and/or our hotel accommodations: The Coral House Inn - 

•Rooms are double occupancy in a private home-style apartment, overlooking the Caribbean Sea

•Swimming pool (outdoor)

•Full liquor bar (not included in price)

•Hot showers and A/C


•Free Wi-Fi and complimentary bicycles


 $1450 early bird special by November 15th ($1700 regular price) 

What's included

3 optional yoga classes per day

All excursions and activities

All delicious and locally-prepared meals

5 nights accommodation

Transportation to/from Philip W. Goldson International Airport 

What's not included

Any alcoholic beverages

Any additional private lessons or massages

Any meals outside the standard 3 meal plan

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Philip W. Goldson International Airport (BZE). Mango Meditation will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up is included in the price.

Main flights that leave from NYC are 

Delta leaving JFK at 6am with a layover in Atlanta, arrival into Belize City at 10:53am

American Airlines leaving LGA at 6:29am with a layover in Miami, arrival into Belize City at 10:39am

United leaving LGA at 6am with a layover in Houston, arrival into Belize City at 11:17am

Cancellation Policy

A reservation requires a deposit of $500.

The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled before November 1st.

The rest of the payment is due December 1st.