Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga Studio

Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga Studio

Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga StudioMango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga StudioMango Meditation Healing Arts Center and Yoga Studio

#4 Soursop Street

Punta Gorda Town

Toledo District



Mission Statement

What we believe

Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center is a global organization situated in southern Belize. Our goal is to facilitate holistic health and wellness resources for local populations at-risk for chronic and acute physical and mental  conditions stemming from structural poverty and racism, post-colonial  stress, and persistent inaccessibility or inferiority of goods and services. We provide quality programming in yoga, artistic expression, nutrition, and mindful existence. Through holistic health attunement, our participants assimilate the kinds of self-care activities that foster physical, mental, and spiritual health, radiating this positivity to the larger community, and by extension, the world.

Why should you care?

Health (or lack thereof) anywhere in the world has a direct and relational impact on health everywhere—not that you should care about another for the egocentric reasoning that you care about yourself before all others. But to understand the interconnectedness of all beings: the wind generated by the butterfly’s wings can be felt for thousands of miles. For that reason MMHAC relies on an ethos of economic, information, and energy exchange attuned to the biopsychosocial-cultural health and fundamental happiness factor that is the foundation of individual, place-specific, and global wellness.


About Us

What we provide

Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center is a non-profit community-based health and wellness center and yoga studio offering yoga, varied workshops, herbal consultations and preparations, massage, and other holistic health services. 

Offerings are tailored to the local community and visitors alike. 

Donation-based services and sliding-scale fees available.

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Who we are

Amikole is the founder of MMHAC and director of programming. She is a certified yoga instructor, herbalist, and PhD medical anthropologist with a longstanding commitment to the people of Belize. 

Where we are

You will find Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center in Punta Gorda Town, a few blocks from Main Street and the Caribbean Sea. 

We have a dedicated movement studio, outdoor raised patios, and large rooms to facilitate a wide variety of 

health and wellness services. 

Overnight guests welcome.


Yoga for all

Youth yoga workshop with Amikole April 2017

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our services and class schedules. 

Mango Meditation Healing Arts Center

#4 Soursop Street Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District BELIZE



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